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Clinical Laboratories Could Soon Diagnose 17 Diseases with Single Breath Analyzer Test

The Technion breathalyzer would give pathology groups and medical laboratories unprecedented ability to support physicians in diagnosing and treating cancers, chronic diseases, and other illnesses.


Philips and LabPON plan to create world’s largest pathology database

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) and LabPON, the first clinical laboratory to transition to 100% histopathology digital diagnosis, today announced its plans to create a digital database of massive aggregated sets of annotated pathology images and big data utilizing Philips ...


Forensics identify victims and terrorists

‘I am sorry, the electricity will be cut off because we’re going to simulate an attack, or emergency exercise, this morning,’ explained Dr Wim Develter, when he suddenly delayed his interview with Mélisande Rouger of European Hospital. They were about to discuss computed ...


Fusing microscopy and mass spectrometry

Pathology does not appear to have much in common with satellites, but the concept that satellites combine spatial resolution and image quality will be the future of disease diagnosis, according to researchers.

Report: Lisa Chamoff


Creating a data powerhouse

The ability to digitise results from patient samples has been one of the key enabling technologies that make personalised medicine possible now, says Dr Fiona Carragher, the Deputy Chief Scientific Officer for NHS England.

Report: Mark Nicholls


Visiopharm A/S acquires LRI Imaging AB

Visiopharm A/S announces its acquisition of LRI Imaging AB. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, many successful installations in routine diagnostic pathology labs, LRI Imaging AB is the leading diagnostic digital pathology provider in Sweden.


UK's pathology services at the tipping point

Pathology services in the UK are struggling to cope with the increasing number of patient samples that need to be tested, according to a Cancer Research UK report* published today.


Pathcore and Visiopharm provide a powerful image analysis

Pathcore and Visiopharm today announced a partnership to provide enhanced workflow software solutions for quantitative analysis and management of digital pathology images.


The fully automated formalin mixing station

It’s the third day of MEDICA 2016 and hundreds of visitors have visited the World Forum for Medicine. Not to miss is the newly launched fully automated formalin mixing station AFDS-100, from German firm Kugel medical, a leading supplier of histo-pathology equipment.


Sectra and Visiopharm enter cooperation for open systems

International medical imaging IT company Sectra and digital pathology company Visiopharm A/S have reached agreement on an open exchange of pathology images between their respective digital pathology systems. The companies agree that open solutions and the free exchange of ...