LabBook-Product • 07/27/2016

Siemens Healthineers - Viva-ProE System

Sample throughput:

  • Up to 133 EMIT tests per hour with two 
  • reagents; Up to 65 EMIT tests per hour with three reagents
  • Weight: Approx. 93 kg/205 lbs (excl. monitor arm and panel PC)


A flexible, new approach to dedicated drug-testing analysis, the Viva-ProE System provides greater ease of use, workstation efficiency, and a full drug-testing menu, all in one powerful benchtop system that is supported by unrivaled Syva experts. The system offers peltier cooling for efficient reagent use, can run up to 133 Emit tests per hour and 12 Emit assays simultaneously; 120 tests can be programmed with 10 open test channels. Results available within 10 minutes of processing