RadBook-Product • 04/20/2017

GE Healthcare Invenia ABUS

Mode: B-Mode Automated scanning

Scan format: Reverse Curve transducer,15 cm wide field-of-view high-frequency transducer

  • Clinical Excellence: Screening with ABUS has a 57 % relative increase in invasive breast cancers identified in dense breast tissue using supplemental ABUS¹
  • Powerful Imaging Architecture for user-independent and standardized Volume acquisition
  • Innovative Technology: Reverse Curve Transducer with One Button automation
  • CE/FDA approved for Screening and Diagnosis





¹Wilczek, Leifland, et.al. Adding 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound to mammography screening in women with heterogeneously and extremely dense breasts. Report from a hospital-based, high-volume, single-center breast cancer screening program. European Journal of Radiology 85 (2016) 1554–1563