Article • 11/21/2008


A complete communication system for the OT

ISIS of France, specialist in computer-based surgical equipment, is unveiling the latest
version of its SurgiMedia - an integrated display system for operating theatres (OT).

SurgiMedia is a multimedia digital-display station designed for use in operating theatres. It can be used for managing, checking and recording patient data. The latest version is fully integrated and modular, offering users greater flexibility. SurgiMedia is now available in two ranges of digital-display stations – a free-standing version and a hub version.
The free-standing SA range is a fully integrated all-in-one system that displays, records and transmits patient data in the operating theatre (including radiological images, videos of surgery and expert opinions). The system can be adapted to fit any operating theatre setup. It is modular via its optional functionalities and also offers the flexibility of multiple configurations: they equipment can be wall mounted, or attached to a surgical arm or a wheeled trolley.
Based around a control centre installed in the operating theatre, the Isis hub-system SC range offers a complete solution for the entire theatre. The control system powers the display on remote monitors, ensures the recording of data in various formats, as well as the broadcast of this data via video-conference. Isis can customise the system according to each hospital’s specifications.
With both systems, data can be retrieved directly from other devices in the operating theatre (e.g. microscopes, endoscope cameras, computers and imaging devices), from CDs, or from the PACS via the network. SurgiMedia has an intuitive touch screen based on pictograms, which is easy to use.
All the systems comply with current standards and may be used in sterile conditions, Isis adds. ‘SurgiMedia can be used for all surgical specialities.’
* Isis, based in Saint Martin d’Hères, S.E. France, will also be at Zdravoochraneniye in Moscow (8-12 December) and at Arab Health in Dubai (26-29 January 2009).