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Unlocking the mystery of multiple sclerosis with tech

What if a single smartphone app could help solve the enigma of multiple sclerosis (MS) and move new treatments ahead at lightning speed? That was the bold idea that led Daniel Pelletier, MD, professor of neurology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and division chief of the ...


Mobile technology shakes up pregnancy research

Andrew Su, a professor at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), was sitting in an exam room with his newborn son when the idea for a new scientific study hit him.


x-Health: Demands for real interoperability

Britta Böckmann, Professor for Health Informatics at the Technical University of Dortmund summarises the lack of feeling for terms such as eHealth, mHealth and telehealth with the description xHealth. However, xHealth also stands for Exchange, ‘that is interoperable ...


Space technology influences wearable devices

Wearable monitoring devices are offering patients the chance to play a greater and more active role in their own healthcare. They are alerting physicians and carers when a patient may be unwell, or their condition needs closely monitoring, and they have potential to improve the ...


Wearable technology can improve cancer treatment

Researchers at the University of Southern California will demonstrate how using wearable technology and smartphones can improve cancer treatment at a White House event.


Diagnosing ear infection using smartphone

Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have developed a method that simplifies the diagnosis of ear infections (otitis media), something which annually affects half a billion children worldwide. The software-based method automatically analyses images from a digital otoscope ...


COCIR and Voka Community accelerate mHealth uptake in Belgium

During the COCIR 2nd Annual eHealth Summit, Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General and Jan Van Emelen, Voka Chairman of Mobile Health, presented a new partnership on mHealth. This partnership is part of the sustained effort initiated by the Voka Health Community a year ago, to ...


App to improve World’s cardiovascular health

Leading cardiologist Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, has developed a free mobile application called “Circle of Health” to empower individuals around the globe to take action to comprehensively assess and enhance their daily overall heart health. Cardiovascular diseases are the ...


An easy, fast and reliable way to record causes of death

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have developed a revolutionary new app to capture accurate global cause of death data on tablets and mobile phones.


"TALKITT” overcomes voice and language barriers

As part of the MEDICA 2015, the world’s largest medical trade fair with almost 5,000 exhibitors from 70 nations, the “MEDICA App COMPETITION” for the best medical app has been held live for the fourth time already.