For 25 years European Hospital has been the voice of European healthcare communication, both with the print edition and the online presence which was introduced ten years ago.

In this quarter of a century, the healthcare market has changed dramatically. While the European Union has evolved into a political force to reckon with, economic pressure has been distressing each and every European country.

It is our mission to observe these changes and to reflect on them. Therefore we changed the name of our website to Our interviews and reports, editorials and product reviews aim to address the needs of hospital managers, medical and technical directors, senior physicians and nursing managers.

The healthcare sector – just like any other economic sector – has diversified over the past decades. While the hospital is still the pillar of our healthcare systems, today different types of facilities such as healthcare centres or out-patient clinics serve the needs of the patients. In this diversified landscape, boundaries between institutions and countries are increasingly peripheral. Cooperation, networking – these are the names of the game. And our new name reflects these developments.

We will keep you up-to-date on trends and innovations in the healthcare market: We cover the entire field from clinical practice through medical technology to clinical research. Experts will provide answers to the most pressing healthcare issues:

Which solutions will really help optimize logistics, HR or financial management? Which high-end products will be launched shortly, which applications will be introduced? How can you tap the full strategic potential of your hospital information system? How can you rein in your nursing costs?

You will find the answers in – the heartbeat of the European healthcare market.