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MRI without contrast agents? Yes, with sugar!

Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), in collaboration with colleagues from Heidelberg University Hospital, have been able to visualize brain cancer using a novel MRI method. They use a simple sugar solution instead of conventional contrast agents, which can ...


Toshiba Medical invites you to their MRI User Meeting 2017

Toshiba Medical proudly announces its 2nd MRI User Meeting in collaboration with Clinica Creu Blanca in Barcelona on 22 & 23 September 2017 (at Camp Nou FC Barcelona, Spain). At this MRI User Meeting, international experts will share their experiences and clinical solutions ...


Pivotal role in patient care for radiographers

Delivering consistent levels of education and training throughout Europe remains an important challenge as radiographers play an increasingly pivotal role in patient care and patient safety.

Report: Mark Nicholls


You can’t compare an apple with an orange

Usually radiographers work in a clinical environment, are specialised in CT, MR or ultrasound and take care of patients and their treatment. Not so Patrick Doherty, Siemens Healthcare Regional Business Manager, Dublin undergraduate who worked in a University Hospital for five ...


‘Very few people have a carbon hyper-polariser’

From the extremely new, but not generally available, to the somewhat new… very available and highly useful… Walter Kucharczyk outlines potentials and practicalities in advanced brain tumour imaging

Report: John Brosky


MRI leading the way in metabolic disease imaging

New MRI techniques are set to offer advances in the earlier detection of liver disease in patients. Radiologists are harnessing the potential of highly-targeted MRI, whilst exploring the imaging modality as a means of delivering non-invasive biomarkers, reducing the need for ...


MRI safety in practice

Missing standardized MR labeling information – related to EN IEC 62570 “MR Safe” / ”MR Conditional” labeling requirements for medical devices and MR accessories – endangers MR user and MR patient safety.


Radiographer calls for increased cooperation with radiologists

The increased demand for imaging studies and workforce shortages have put strain on radiology services while technological advances enabled other medical disciplines to perform their own imaging examinations.

Report: Mélisande Rouger


Mammography screening with MR

Breast cancer screening is traditionally a mammography – ultrasound business but abbreviated protocols could enable more women to be imaged with MR and receive treatment earlier, a leading researcher will show during the annual Garmisch MR meeting.


Simpler MR-conditional cardiac device selection

The ProMRI Configurator made by Biotronik is an online tool that enables physicians to select from a series of MRI requirements for a patient and subsequently generates a recommendation of all suitable MR-conditional cardiac device and lead combinations available in a particular ...