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Fujifilm reinvents high-end endoscopes

Two technologies from consumer electronics are at the core of a next-generation endoscope that throws a new light on exams in gastroenterology.

Report: John Brosky


PENTAX Medical introduces SMART Medical’s G-EYE technology

PENTAX Medical EMEA announces its continued cooperation with SMART Medical to support the distribution and deployment of SMART’s G-EYE technology integrated with PENTAX Medical’s HD+ systems to the EMEA market.


NDS announces battery-powered wireless mobile display

NDS has announced it is prepared to launch in Europe its highly anticipated ZeroWire® Mobile battery-powered display stand solution at the MEDICA World Forum for Medicine in Dusseldorf, Germany.


NDS to launch 4K UHD display

NDS will showcase its new 4K Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) visualization technology with the launch of the Radiance® Ultra 4K 32” monitor during the MEDICA World Forum for Medicine.


New devices deliver exceptional clarity

This year PENTAX Medical launches three premium products for use in gastroenterology, Ear nose and throat (ENT) and bronchoscopy. These result from highly focused global research and development, for which Mike Drexel, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, is responsible. In ...


3D viewing benefits gastroenterology

During many and various 2015 medical congresses 3-D visualisation has been a key topic as the industry continues to introduce improved hardware and software in ever-shorter intervals. Interventional medicine is entering a new dimension, was a popular slogan. The crystal clear, ...


Multiphoton microscope and endoscope could speed up diagnosis

Two new optical devices could reduce the need to take tissue samples during medical examinations and operations and to then send them for testing – potentially speeding up diagnosis and treatment and cutting healthcare costs.


Combining digital and optical imaging - the video processor from PENTAX

PENTAX Medical launches a world first for endoscopy, the OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 Video Processor, featuring both digital and optical enhancements, in the European, Middle Eastern & African (EMEA) markets. This unique enhancement combination provides detailed information for more ...


Medics call for urgent improvements in the quality of endoscopy

Every year, tens of millions of individuals across Europe undergo endoscopic procedures to assist with the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal diseases. However, significant variation in current endoscopy provision across Europe has been reported, with back-to-back ...


Sterile single-use suction range for ear endoscopy

Award-winning UK manufacturer of innovative and high quality single-use surgical instruments DTR Medical, will showcase their new endo scopic ear range at Arab Health. The single-use endoscopic ear range has been designed in response to the growing demand for this recent ...